One of the best things to grow in any garden. Not only do they provide nutrition for the table they do the same for our soil.

Every year just after the ground stops freezing and sometimes before but under cover we start our peas. Using an inoculant to help them provide nitrogen to the soil they have been a great friend to the garden.

What a difference! One year we used them on half of a bed then planted garlic on the full bed. There was a very noticable difference between the two areas. The garlic was taller and the bulbs were much larger. We were surprised it showed so much.

We grow sugar snaps mostly, both field and vine types. Both types planted very early will yield a crop of peas before the soil warms up enough to plant stuff like squash, corn and all the seeds that need planting may june.

Planting so many beds of peas does create problems but……….. with the gate and spring farmers markets and knowing a few chefs that are willing to take large amounts for their restaurants we manage to sell most of our pea crop.

Fiona is particular about which fresh pea she wants. Sniffing many peas all the way around a bed, she goes back and picks her choice. I have not been able to figure out why that particular pea. She very gently reaches out, snipping her pea off the vine, leaving just the end still attached. Unlike her what her mother used to do, she never rips out a vine or even damages a leaf. Watching her eat peas is worth the time a pause takes to watch. I love how she hangs out in the garden we me. Laying in the sun, watching her world.