Hello. Again from your farmer, Dale

The first crop of the year that needs our attention is onions

We grow these onions from seeds, starting them early winter on heating mats in our greenhouse then transplanting in spring when the soil has warmed. We grow a number of cultivars:  Ailsa Craig is a huge mild sweet onions that keeps fairly well. Rossa d’Iverno Rubino heirloom red storage onions. Borettana heirloom small squat yellow onions with a flat top that braids well and will store up to five months. Pacific 22’s are bulbing scallions that can be picked ( thinned ) for green onions and when mature used for pickling onions. 

I like onions because they have many layers just like me. Rough outside but inside the layers are clean and pure . I also believe farming is like that. Farming is a place where each task is separate and takes its own skills but each task is important to have a great crop, cook a good meal or to host a worthwhile class. 

One of my many layers is Dale the artist.

Winter is a time to do some relaxing and art. I have been painting the farm on a late fall stay-vacation.

Purdy  and Toblerone are rescue male Indian Runner ducks that we call the “slug hit squad”. Not only eating all our slugs they provide the music of the farm. Our friends gave us them for free. We built a pen and after many years of watching them I think I understand their movement enough to paint who and what they are.


Fiona is always watching her world. AND she loves fresh peas

Walking slowly down the row of peas, she smells each pea pod. Then she walks back to “the best one” and gently reaches out and takes most of the pod. Standing there, she seems to be dreaming as she loudly crunches her pea pod. Only eating a few and never damaging a plant she moves back to a sunny place to lay and watch her farm. I have tried to discover why she picked that particular one but to no avail. With a nose that smells more than a 1000 times better than me I shall not likely know the answer.

I am like an onion, each layer is almost separate from each other but still part of the same me. Not many know the complete onion of me, although if you read my blogs you will get to know me a little bit. 

Your farmer, Dale