Happy new year from your farmer, Dale.

Another year and another chance to grow the greatest garden ever.

I am 68 years old, aware that I only have 10 or 15 more opportunities to do so. Growing flowers and food, connected to our world, doing things I like to do brings happiness, contentment and peace.

This life holds much promise for the future.

Preparing for spring, we turned on a high output lamp and two heating trays. We have; rosemary, thyme sage, nasturtium, lettuce and basil already up and on their way to being plants

The first sign of spring is the budding of the neighbours forsythia. We brought in a few sprigs last week and they are starting to bloom. One of the best ways to know when to plant is to watch the plants and trees around you. Each year brings different cycle of weather. Last year a very warm January started many fruit trees to bud early. This early start was halted by a very cold February causing a lack of flowers and many flowers did not get pollinated. I believe the local bees and wasps were effected as much as the trees. The stress of the summer drought did not help.  .

It is Jan 12 and although there is snow I worry about it getting to warm again. There is no easy inexpensive way to keep trees from trying to bud and bloom in very warm winters. Annuals are fairly easy to grow even with climate change but perennials are harder. The warmer winters and dryer summers must be accounted for. Gardening is a Zen thing. Nature will do what it will and humans must try to change and adapt.  

Change is the only certain thing the future holds.