Christmas morning 2022 and about four days ago I got the sniffles. We canceled our Christmas plans. I got up and made a warm fire to have coffee with. I am feeling very good, no symptoms.

Kelly made bagels for our breakfast. She also provided the cream cheese, capers, and smoked salmon she was going to use for lunch with her mother.  They taste great.

We have had a snowy night up here on Elphinstone mountain. It is fairly warm and as you can see the snow  has stuck to everything. One of the first things we do every morning is to feed out two runner ducks some chicken scratch.                

At the second gate and the only electric one the snow has ground out  the fence. 

At the inner courtyard fence, the snow is even thicker, eh?.

Inside the courtyard, the pond is ice-free. I can hear the boys, quacking to be let out. The dark one is Purdy and the lighter one we call Toblerone, the chocolate brothers.                                                                                                                                                                                  Our Christmas wish is for you to enjoy our boys as much as we do.