Oyster mushrooms at winter solstice are one of midwinters almost magical things. Like apples, mushrooms leave me thinking ” from a tree, really! from a tree. The world around me froths with different mushrooms and I am fortunate to be able to grow some.here on mount Elphinstone . Grown on logs or straw the oysters are my favorite mushroom to eat. While maybe chanterelles are better, but they are very hard to cultivate. .Words can not describe the struggle I went through to be able to produce mushrooms.

But now I am able to grow them on logs and straw plus a few other substrates. Allowing us to share fresh mushrooms and create logs that will grow mushrooms for our friends and neighbors.


Images are easier then trying to write how a supply of mushrooms from our own farm makes a difference in our lives here on the mountain.


It takes effort and mindfulness to grow mushrooms. It helps to aspire to be a good chef.

One of my favorite way to cook them is to slice them thin, add an egg to coat them, toss in panko or other coating. Using any sort of crushed breakfast cereal like rice krispies is good. Then fry in oil, I use a fry pan, turning then over as they cook. Browned just a bit and with the use of a side of sauce it makes a great appetizer for any meal.

After a few flushes, we use the straw, complete with lots of live mycelium,  to fortify and correct our soil. Digging in the used substrate helps the garden produce a plethora of other great things to cook.

Your Farmer Dale