To biuld a nice loking coop means starting right from the foundatioon.

We removed all the top soil exposing the clayi & gravel subsoil. Reusing triple 2 x 6 presure treated skids we soon were nailing walls.

We stood the frame  up and then we were building the 6 nest boxs. 


Soon to outgrow their brooding pen we gave them a low perch. Our understanding is chicks should start roosting now so there is roosting as full-size chickens.


Watch the video. I talk to the birds a lot and they know me. This was the day I introduced the Buffy sisters to Kelly. She wanted to wait until they were not cute little easter-type chicks. We call them all Buffy. Buff Orpingtons are a large quite friendly great egg-producing chicken and we have 21 of them.


When we told mom about the extra one she claimed it, right away. I think one chicken will give her lots of eggs plus make a wonderful roast when her next chicken takes over the egg production. I like being connected to family, it’s like, “you got an extra chicken so that one is mine”. All part of our life and very enjoyable stuff.