May you have a prosperus year of the Dragon.

Lunar New Year’s Day is auspicious to begin another year here at RR7 Farmstead.  We have already begun to plant some early spring starts. Under light in the south window of our house. 

We will have hardened-off-bedding plants for Roberts Creek Seeds of March on Sat March 2 at the Robberts Creek hall.

In our living room, we have two tables with fresh trays of soil either planted or waiting to be so. The smell of the soil tells me spring is here again and there is much to do.

Each of the cultivars we grow is from years of research until we found crops that grow well for us. 

Ailsa Craig onions are our chosen sweet onions. 

Trays of mixed lettuce and beets are also ready to move to our vertical grow building. There we can contol the enveroment for best bedding plants to transplant to the feilds.