I have been asked to repair an old worn out whisk. I like this sort of challenge. The ability to easily take images as I take apart  the puzzle makes it easier to create the new piece.

We have a few stocks of sorghum left from last years crop. Most of the crop has been made into brooms, dusters and whisk.

I hope to learn a bunch of broom making stuff and that you enjoy my blog of the experience. 


The weaving on the handle seems to be tighter and closer together then I have been using..


The whap around the handle is interesting with it’s bulge.


This image is to show the size of the smithing circle and leaf. Jus in case I wish to create something like it..

The tying off of the end of cord is interesting. Just pulled tight , fastened with a couple half hitches. Then tucked in. 



The stems are pulled much tighter then I have been doing. They seemed to have been soaked well then flattened against the metal by tightening with cord.

The cord just goes under a couple of reeds before wheaveing after the wraps.

Underneath the outer stems is a bundle of just straws that make up the center of the whisk.

The bundle is just wrapped tightly around and around.

Unwrapped all that is left is a pile of straw.

The cord is simlpy hitched to a removeable pin. The whole wrap is simple but very tightly done

I soaked a bundle of straw about the same size that was there.

Pulling the cord very tight I wrapped up the straw.

Useing some whole stems around the center straw I was able to start weaveing.

Knowing how to weave I pulled very tight and was able create a good looking whisk.