It started with a curiosity while driving back to Langdale terminal after a wedding along a favourite road on Mount Elphinstone. One of us saw the real estate sign and the other agreed to stop.  We don’t recall.  One of us looked to the north and saw a raw landscape that was a garden waiting to be filled and the other saw the Tony Only print that she had purchased at the Vancouver Aquarium when she was 16.  Our fate was quickly sealed.


Before settling into farming once again, Dale was a commercial graphic artist and potter. He was born and raised on a farm in North Eastern Alberta.   His life continues to be been filled with creativity as he regularly is inspired by the moving landscape of the mountain and farm life.  Dale has many of the advanced practical skills which is needed on the farm such as mechanical repair and tool  forging/welding.  He is trained clinical councillor and a practicing Buddhist.

Kelly is a semi-retired Systems Engineer BC born and raised, albeit a city girl. Her sharp eye, mind for organizing data and an over-worked sense of adventure has helped her quickly adapt to the challenges of growing food. She enjoys the details and specifics of growing; which grows best in what location and which tastes the best.

We decided to grow mushrooms a few years ago because we have long been mushroom foragers and know it to be a natural fit to our eco-system.   Additionally, Oyster mushrooms remove toxins from the soil such as human coliform bacteria and petroleum distillates while allowing plants to share resources and communicate.  We are very proud to have developed a system that produces Oyster and Shitake Mushrooms and we are now focused on making mushroom logs that make it all the easier for everyone to grow these ecologically important & delicious fungi in your garden.

We have been growing for almost seven years on our land facing the Salish Sea.


Our mission is simple: Grow food so good that it replenishes both the eater and the earth from which it sprung.

Growing is a wonderful pursuit and brings to each person who does it a unique gift.

We believe that the earth should also be gifted in
return with the best organic and non GMO inputs in return.

That is why our fields get the time to fallow and recuperate in between crops.

That is why our fields get fungi inoculations to purify them.

That is why we plant GREAT TASTING heirloom cultivars that are best suited to our coastal climate.

It isn’t just our mission, it is our responsibility to this planet.


Imagine a silver Salish Sea bathed in warm sunlight and from it rising majestically a rising slope to the north with ridges, small peaks, rounded peaks. From the shores to top, the slopes are resplendent in edible fungi and lush forests with clean creeks and streams. In the skies above, the ravens and eagles soar harmoniously in the rising thermals while the forests chime with life in day and night. It is a sacred place and it is the wellspring of the lower sunshine coast. This is our land and while our time on this earthly plane is short, we are nourished by the knowledge that our Mountain will go on for eternity.

Mount Elphinstone is this place and RR7 is located on one of those sunny southern slopes where from most places we can see that silver sea and find that moment of calm.