We love sharing our sustainable farm where food and friendships grow and prosper. others can come learn in environment of nurturing.

Understanding the value and obligation of elders to share knowledge, we created a place where humans, animals, plants and mycelium can grow to their full potential .

  Where others can come learn in environment of nurturing. Actively participating in the stewardship of our land.




We offer a multitude of courses designed to help you grow your own healthy, sustainable and delicious food. Each course gives you a chance to have hands-on experience in producing your own high-quality food that will nourish your body, save you money and help care for the earth. See below for a list of the courses we provide:

Plant Propagation: Cloning

Many of our favourite plants are often easier to clone than to plant from seed because of the exacting conditions that are required to get the seeds to germinate or because we want to reproduce a specific plant. Cloning also makes sense when can’t or don’t want to buy seeds.   Cloning in the growing phase of a plant makes this possible. Cannabis, Lavender and Rosemary are good examples of plants which are commonly cloned that we can show you how to clone. Once you have registered, we will contact you to find out what plants you would to learn how to clone and you will take home 4 of your newly cloned plants.  

  • When:  During the spring months and in October
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Age restrictions:  Adult
  • Duration: Up to 1 hour, class limited to two people but we can accommodate more in good weather.
  • Cost $60 (includes up to 4 clones)
Plant Propagation: Grafting ( not offered this year )

Have you ever wanted your apple tree with more than one type of apple growing on it? It is possible with Grafting!  This is our only class that is held at our student’s residence so that we can lend our expertise to show you how to graft apples or plums onto your existing tree.  On your registration, please indicate in the ‘additional comments’ section what types of tree you have that you want to propagate as well as the recipient tree which you want to graft on to.  This will help us ensure that we bring the correct tools for the job to make your graft as successful as possible. We have a small selection of apples and plum cultivars that we can supply twigs to use.

  • When: Offered in January and February, subject to distance restriction of 15km from Gibsons.
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate
  • Age restrictions: Adult
  • Duration: 1 hour, class limited to two people
  • Cost $60 
How to grow oyster mushrooms on logs

This is a hands-on class where you will learn how to inoculate freshly cut hardwood timber with Oyster mushroom spawn.  

You will  Inoculate 4 logs to create a small raft, supplying mushrooms for many years of enjoyment.
Plus….. you also gain the wealth of knowledge needed to successfully add to your raft.

One of the hardest parts of getting mushroom logs to flush successfully is the placement of the raft.

Your location needs to have rain and also shade and a spot you often walk past. Mushrooms flush and grow new full-size in a week.  Also, you need to be able to water them in the summer, Mycelium is a plant that needs to have water to stay alive

When: January to the end of March

 Where: rr7 Farmstead at 980 Cemetery Road Gibsons BC.

Level of difficulty.:  low with assistance

Age restriction: 12 and older with an adult accompaniment

Duration 2 hours approximately\

Maximum number of students 2

Cost $100 each until spring then  = $120 each 

Contact  Dale at or text 604-842-0332. to arrange for a date and time

The final part of having a mushroom log flush is providing location and environment. It is helpful to be able to show us images of possible locations in order to discuss our best possible locations.

Advanced Mushroom Log Inoculation (Not offered this year)

This is a very technical class where adherence to precise procedures and strict laboratory protocols are crucial to the success of mycelium propagation. In this indoor lab class, you will learn how to reproduce mycelium and how to use mycelium to inoculate spawn.  You will take home your own jar of mycelium in agar that you can use as your starter as well as one small bag of inoculated grain. Please note there are additional student requirements for this class noted below. As there are many important learnings in the course, we will be emailing you some foundational information that you will need to read and understand as it is important to limit your time in the lab where at all possible.  

  • Prerequisites:  Our Introduction to Mushroom Log Inoculation
  • When: Twice during the month of November (1st and 3rd weekends)
  • Level of Difficulty: High
  • Age restrictions: Adult
  • Duration: 2 hours, class limited to two people
  • Cost $120 person

Student Requirements: Be prepared to wear a protective jumpsuit, shoe covers, mask and gloves: this is not an option so if you have any allergies to latex or vinyl, you will need to be prepared to supply your own clean suit as approved by us in advance. If you have any sensitivities to isopropanol alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, bleach or anti-bacterial sprays then you cannot take this course as these are all key products in maintaining a clean laboratory environment for mycelium propagation.  

WARNING:  Half of this class is in the lab.  Once you are in the mushroom laboratory there is no leaving for bio-breaks… if you have to leave, then you will not be able to be re-admitted unless you purchase an additional suit, gloves, mask and boot covers for the price of $20.  This is required due to the risk of extraneous mold and bacteria infection. We recommend that you do not drink up to 2 hours before the start of the course.

Custom Courses

We are willing to share our knowledge, we have many talents. Ask for your needs to be met and they may be met.


Nature is unpredictable. And as such, we are unable to guarantee that your crops will grow as expected. However, when things do not go as they should, we want you to contact us as and we will work with you to determine what happened and, more importantly, if anything can be done to get things back on track.  

It takes time to prepare for students and takes us away from our farmstead work so cancellations are accepted up three weeks prior to the start of the course. After that time, we will refund you 50% of your course fee and you will receive the course information via email. 

For safety reasons, hands-on activity in our classes are restricted to individuals with no functional impairments and are over 17 years of age. However, we are happy to host people with all abilities if you let us know in advance. We want to ensure that we provide the best experience for people of all abilities.