RR7 Farmstead is the collaboration of two unique individuals with a shared vision to live life in a simpler way; mindful of the wisdom passed on by our ancestors as we nurture this world and support our community.

Our ancestors grew food to survive and we grow it now to help our community thrive and to give purpose to our lives.  Despite the new cultivars being developed every year, We have chosen to grow predominately heirloom vegetables at RR7 because of their superior taste and yields.  We like to try different types for our customers, but they are learning that we always have Lazy Housewife Green Beans and Aurega Tomatoes because of their superior taste.  Both date back to the 1800s and we are sure our families would have found them as wonderful to grow and eat as we do.

As our garden continues to mature and the yields increase, we have enjoyed this past year adding baking and a wide selection of preserves to our table.  The simple task of turning our garden products into squash scones, strawberry rhubarb pie or garlic scape pickles brings our lives into closer alignment to the full circle of life that living through the land brings. 

The connection to generations past is strengthened by our labours…… each time we sharpen our tools in the spring,  take some time to tackle the weeds  or wipe our foreheads while harvesting garlic in July, we feel the tug through time to our heritage and gain some insight into what their lives must have been like living in harmony with the earth, taking each day as it comes.   The simple actions of growing, making and harvesting sustain our spirits in the endless void of modern-day stressors and serve to remind us that we live in a privileged place and time because of the fortitude, love and strength of our parents, grand-parents and great-grand parents.    It reminds us to be grateful for the gift of today which is why it is called the present.