Like our ancestors, we started with bare land that had not been worked for growing food and although we started with a lot more gravel than soil, we knew that good soil would come if we listened to the lessons of the voices of the past which is summarized well in the core principles of permaculture.

These being:

• Observe and interact.
• Catch and store energy.
• Obtain a yield.
• Apply self-regulation and accept feedback.
• Use and value renewable resources and services.
• Produce no waste.
• Design from patterns to details.
• Integrate rather than segregate.
• Use small and slow solutions.
• Use and value diversity.
• Use edges and value the marginal.
• Creatively use and respond to change.

But permaculture isn’t enough.  It’s a framework with a lot of interpretation so we looked further into what Organic Certification in Canada and US entails.  It didn’t take long for us to realize that Organic wasn’t enough either.  We grown what we eat; we are not a nameless food producer so we decided that we would use nature as it is intended and grow what makes sense for our micro-climate.  We maintain a balance through growing the right crop, 4 year crop rotation and using insecticidal soap, copper spray and companion plants.
We eat everything we grow.  We call it deliciously sustainable beyond organic!